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Snake Blocker was born in Ontario, California on 19 October 1971.  He is a member of the Lipan Apache Tribe of Texas and promotes his culture through seminars and interviews.  He begin training in martial arts at an early age and was given his first knife from his Grandfather.  He graduated from John A. Rowland High School in 1989 and attended Mt San Antonio College and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.  His passions were writing poetry and he has written over 500 poems.  Snake has been published in several books (and composed 1 spoken word CD) and eventually was inducted into the International Poetry Hall of Fame.  He worked as a manager for Taco Bell (Hacienda Heights, CA) beginning in High School (1988-1991) and he was a casher at Frisco's Car Hop Restaurant (Rowland Heights, CA) in 1991-1992.  Snake then worked as a Regional Service Supervisor for Nautilus Aerobics Plus and Bally's Total Fitness (1991-1994).  In 1993, Snake began competing in various marital arts competitions and he became a professional fighter in 1999.  He went on to win several awards and titles.  In 1994, Snake opened us his first fitness studio, Executive World Fitness, in Torrance, CA and later moved it to Rolling Hills Estates, CA.  In 1995, Mr. Blocker opened Blocker Academy of Martial Arts.  His studio was at the same location as his fitness studio.  From 1996-1998, Snake Blocker partnered with Rod Kei, his long time friend, teacher and a former 3 time world champion kick boxer and they opened up their studio called Academy of Martial Arts.  Snake Blocker bought out a tanning studio and fitness studio in Rolling Hills Estates and Palos Verdes Estates, CA (2001 - 2003).  In 2001, Snake joined the Navy reserves.  He was mobilized in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004 so he sold his studios in California and went to Kuwait.  In 2005, he went to Iraq and in 2009 he went to Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom).  In between his military career, he continued his businesses teaching private lessons, performing seminars and fighting.  Snake has traveled extensively since childhood.  In 2006, Snake moved to Denver, Colorado and did some Security work for Advantage Security and HSS Security.  In 2007, he got his Class A license and began working for BJ (later Baker Hughes) in the oil and natural gas industry (covering 5 states).  In 2010, Snake was hired by 4 Horsemen International (a high-end security company for war zones) as their Director of Logistics & Manufacturing.  Overall, Snake has earned several awards and rankings in the fitness industry, martial arts industry, US military and poetry community.  Click below to read more details on Snake's background.   

1- Snake Blocker's Military Accomplishments

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